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Releasable Cable Ties

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There are two different types of releasable cable ties: Trigger and Pawl.

Trigger Release - The "trigger release" releasable cable ties are easy to use. Simply press the tab to release, reposition, remove, or reuse. There's no need to cut them to add or remove bundled cables. They have smooth rounded edges which are comfortable to work with. Won't cut insulation or hands. Self-locking one-piece ties, with a low profile head to conserve space.
Material: Releasable Nylon 6.6
Width: .30"

Pawl Release - The "pawl release" releasable cable ties have an extended tab end which allows for easy release and reuse, even if it has been pulled up snug by hand. To release it, just grasp the head of the tie, deflect the release tab and pull it away from the bundle.
Material: Releasable Nylon 6.6
Width: .19"

Natural - General purpose, for indoor use.
UV Black - Greater resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet light. For indoor and outdoor use. Good for extended or continuous exposure to sunlight.

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