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As you can tell by the name, CableTies.com is your source for cable ties. There are lots of online cable tie stores, but there's only ONE CableTies.com. We can help you get other forms of cable management and cable accessories as well. While most people refer to them as cable ties, they also go by names like zip ties, wire ties, tie wraps and nylon ties.

cable-tie.jpgFun fact: The cable tie was first developed in 1958 by Robert Thomas and Hobert Betts. It was designed to be used for airplane wire harnesses and was made with a metal ratchet. Eventually cable ties were made with plastic and nylon, as they are today.

Did you know that nylon cable ties are often used as handcuffs? It’s true. Cable ties are very sturdy, and once the tip of it is pulled through the ratchet it can’t be loosened — rather, it can only be made tighter. Because of this, and the fact that cable ties are very light to carry and relatively cheap to buy, they are used by police departments and military personnel around the globe to restrain prisoners.

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